Health and Wellness Wananga – 29th to 30th January 2015


29th to 30th January 2015

Each Speaker will talk about their journey and how it weaves into their work, Whanau, Hapu, Iwi.
Also what does success look like for Maori in the future? Who decides? What are the strategies and actions to enact these aspirations? The aim of this intimate gathering is to bring together whanau to engage in discussion and debate as part of the two day gathering to be hosted by hikoi4life whanau. The structure of the gathering includes a range of speakers across a number of industries to share their thoughts and perspectives on these critical questions. The second part of the gathering will incorporate facilitated group work sessions to enable all whanau participants to contribute to a paper that will be submitted to the minister of Maori development Minister Honourable Te Ururoa Flavell to contribute to the strategic discussions and advice he would be receiving from his ministry, Iwi, Maori entities and incorporations and whanau and community groups.
Hikoi4life today is the current realised form of a vision that today is creating innovative ways to bringing the past and present together to align Health and Wellbeing with the ultimate goal of providing a hopeful but realistic future not just for Maori but also all New Zealanders by being proactive with a high sense of strength based and solution focused. It is of great importance to note that at its birth a small cluster of people took upon them the challenge to bike from Hastings through to Wellington the parliamentary house to hand over a documented charter that would prove that the dream was going to become a reality due to the high level of passion and commitment even in the face adversity these people paved and proved to what it now is.
We do have whanau here with four generations so it impacts on the whole whanau if we are able to support their Leadership to change. Whanau activities have progressed and started also pacific activities are being formulated so we will implement Kahukura to help lead and model positive change in the community to lead, challenge, influence, speak out to engender positive change
We are working in collaboration with E Tu Whanau Roopu as their values of. Aroha- unconditional love without expecting any expectation of return, Whakapapa- knowing who you are and where you’re from, Tikanga-doing things the right way according to our values. Mana/Manaaki – enhancing the Mana of others in a positive way through nurturing, growing and attainable challenges. Korero Awhi – Positive actions, reaffirmation and good communications are most important in protecting Our Whanau from” an Environment of past violence and abuse. “Risk factors” concerning Maori will not produce positive outcomes.
New founded relationships are evidence we want to collaborate to make a change and we are delighted to announce that the Kaupapa of E TU WHANAU will be weaved through the wellness Wananga. Hikoi4life is now preparing itself to raise its hand in the air to take responsibility in taking a leading role to bringing about the realisation that we now must prepare a future for our children through the gathering of a wananga that we hope will encourage a collective and unified effort rather than a division of labour. Hikoi4Life is being proactive and want to work with like-minded stakeholders to achieve our best outcomes for Maori in all areas of wellness. We are here to serve the whanau, Hapu, Iwi and by doing so, we can contribute to a better society.
It is our intention to develop this Taonga and have made plans for 2016 event then in 2018 we are planning on hosting a “WORLD INDEGINOUS WELLNESS CONFERENCE”



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